It's time for

a trading strategy that works at any time

We created an exceptional trading plan that works at every stage of economic cycle.

Trade fearlessly and confidently

Key features of a strategy developed with support of artificial intelligence:

  • Only a few trades a week using a single asset
  • Does not rely on any specific stock or market sector in particular
  • Great for automated trading as well as manual orders


Trades a Week


Annual Return


Amount to Start


Underlying Asset

Strategy Key Features

Results are based on powerful research on big data set of 15 years of price history.

Market crash friendly

Financial crisis resistant

High % of profitable trades

Works in recession

Verified results

Few trades a week

Tested on data since 2007

Comprehensive research

Exact trading plan

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It's time for a trading strategy that will work at any time.

Real-life progress of the strategy
Key features
  • developed by artificial intelligence
  • trade in all market conditions
How we found these patterns
  • idea that psychology affects the most common market reactions
  • sophisticated algorithm developed exclusively for this project
  • huge number of backtesting cycles
  • used uncountable number of parameter sets
  • tested both optimistic and pessimistic scenarios
  • real trading tests
What is included in paid subscriptions
  • tangible principles of how we got to the projection of substantial profits
  • opportunity to cooperate on further analysis
Key performance result
  • more than 100% return of an initial investment for single year of trading using the strategy
Keys to success using this strategy
  • trading of one particular asset once a day for a few days a week
  • placing orders right on time (5 min. precision)
  • buying and closing a position at a specific time of day
  • sticking to the plan again and again
  • no excuses and no breaches — our live test would have failed if we had cheated
What you will learn from us:
  • what is the key asset
  • what percentage of successful trades you will achieve
  • what times of day you have to place trades
  • how to not break rules
  • how to not try to time the market
  • how to avoid losses
  • hot to boost profits
  • how to achieve high probability of success
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